Monthly Archives: July 2014


Long time ago, I  wanna keep a pet. I like the dog because dog very cute and loyalty ~ but now my situation is not suitable to keep dog, but so I still have another choice to keep pet – hamster~

Yesterday I research and thinking is it able to keep hamster… Angela and me went in the pet shop at SS2 there.. those hamster very cute, really make me wanna to keep it.. but I need plan the budget then know can I keep hamster or not.. see how~


Charity Project

I always wanna do a charity project with friends, colleagues~ but also always can’t make it…

Today finally my dream come true and felt happy when I done this charity project~

I already plan and build up small team just for charity project~ I very thanks to someone who is very special Guy in my heart~ he help me to achieve this dream~

Honestly my feeling no really good recent~ I keep thinking recently all happening on me.. I felt sad, suffering, and moody… but I need cold down my emotional and control it… I must tell myself “let it go”…

Anyway, I wanna focus on this charity project~ I hope can make me more better and stop negative mind~