My Dairy

I try to use english to write and express what have i feeling now.. I need to train my english~

Today, I started felt moody again. My heart very uncomfortable and my mind start to think too much… I know what i thinking, I felt sad what the ending i get.. I very hope I can get happy ending with someone but so sad cant make it true..

I promised myself before, I must grown up.. I cant always childish, must be more understanding and mature.. I will try and find a way to disperse my emo…

I planning I will more focus on my charity project and other charity event. And also, I will more care my children who i am sponsor from Vietnam. I made a decided to sponsor a child, I will more focus and keep in touch with my child. I hope I can always accompany her even our distance very far but I will treat her good what i can do for her.

My charity project must keep going on, I must persist do this charity project. Charity project is my baby, I wont and not allow my baby dead. I will do well and protect this project. I need to plan more good and meaningful event for charity, I hope my little heart can help people.

Ann, gao you!!! I must tell myself: I can do that! Dont emo! Do more charity!

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