Finally, I awake!

I knew my mistake and my bad temper screw up everything included my life, career, financial, and relationship. Is time to correct back all the mistake and improve me.

I know everything is different and change since the last happen. Is sad and down BUT I know I shall grow up and to be mature. I need to step out from my comfortable zone and try to learn new thing in the different industry. Actually I can’t accept the fact what the happen on me and I feel to escape everything to continue to stay in my dream.

For these two months, I lead a decadent life. I don’t know what I doing, I don’t know what I want. I feel upset for everything and disappointed on me. I feel I am a loser, I cannot do well everything. Sometimes, I will question me why I will be like this.. I lost my direction and doubt my decision, my confident gone.. I have told “someone” my problem, I ask why I still continue study and complete my study? What the purpose I study?

My heart cannot balance when I saw my friends update on facebook. I thinking why they look like enjoying their life, why they not too worried the finance, why they not be worried for the career? Many many questions to ask why..

I decided to cold down and listen to my heart, I believe my heart will tell me what I want…

I am sorry to hurt “someone”. I shall take responsibility for my life. I need “restart” my life, my career..

Carry on & Move On!


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