I lost myself~

Recently I insomnia again…I keep thinking and some more felt sad…. I get bad news about my exam, I fail…

YP’s mother not like me just because I am catholic and my hand is 断掌. Honestly to say that I feel sadness and started thinking it is what I want?  why so hard to get my dream relationship?  I keep thinking how to get his mom’s heart or how to talk with his mom? I feel like wanna give up because everything seems like not what I want…

Some more I feel a bit hurt because kelly said me whining… I thought jimui is sharing, dim ji is wrong… maybe I also fault… I should stop it to sharing with them…

Now my life seems like messy up everything… where my life? I want a previous life that lifestyle… I hate trouble and worry the feeling… I don’t want insomnia again..

I already not dare to post out my status on facebook… my heart really not comfortable… is it I too care about this relationship?  I need control and be natural… BUT I know easy to say and hard to do… I try my best to do it…

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