Love yourself~



What is the definition of “LOVE YOURSELF” ?

Recently I have read some of the articles about girls should love yourself more before you love other.. I started thinking why always ask the girl love yourself first, what is the mean of it?

“LOVE YOURSELF” is it very important for the girl? My counsellor keeps asking me to put more effort and attend on myself and try to improve~ It is call “LOVE YOURSELF”?

The article has mentioned it “shift the attention on you from your boyfriend” because you all attention and effort fully to on the guy, we forgot to love and sayang yourself… The guy will love you more and cherish when you really change yourself to love yourself and treat yourself better.. it is real? I very curious and doubt for the way of saying in the article. The guy really will get you back or love you when he feels/knows/see you look like you’re happy and “LOVE YOURSELF”?

I started to confuse of this question~ BUT if we not to do that, it will seem like worst than it~ it is the only way to live for our life?

I already don’t know how to set the meaning and definition of



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