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Love yourself~



What is the definition of “LOVE YOURSELF” ?

Recently I have read some of the articles about girls should love yourself more before you love other.. I started thinking why always ask the girl love yourself first, what is the mean of it?

“LOVE YOURSELF” is it very important for the girl? My counsellor keeps asking me to put more effort and attend on myself and try to improve~ It is call “LOVE YOURSELF”?

The article has mentioned it “shift the attention on you from your boyfriend” because you all attention and effort fully to on the guy, we forgot to love and sayang yourself… The guy will love you more and cherish when you really change yourself to love yourself and treat yourself better.. it is real? I very curious and doubt for the way of saying in the article. The guy really will get you back or love you when he feels/knows/see you look like you’re happy and “LOVE YOURSELF”?

I started to confuse of this question~ BUT if we not to do that, it will seem like worst than it~ it is the only way to live for our life?

I already don’t know how to set the meaning and definition of






I lost myself~

Recently I insomnia again…I keep thinking and some more felt sad…. I get bad news about my exam, I fail…

YP’s mother not like me just because I am catholic and my hand is 断掌. Honestly to say that I feel sadness and started thinking it is what I want?  why so hard to get my dream relationship?  I keep thinking how to get his mom’s heart or how to talk with his mom? I feel like wanna give up because everything seems like not what I want…

Some more I feel a bit hurt because kelly said me whining… I thought jimui is sharing, dim ji is wrong… maybe I also fault… I should stop it to sharing with them…

Now my life seems like messy up everything… where my life? I want a previous life that lifestyle… I hate trouble and worry the feeling… I don’t want insomnia again..

I already not dare to post out my status on facebook… my heart really not comfortable… is it I too care about this relationship?  I need control and be natural… BUT I know easy to say and hard to do… I try my best to do it…

2016 å¹´ – æˆ‘有男朋友了

其实我也没想过这样就有男朋友。。不知道叻~ 我脑我心的确有出现跟他一起生活未来的日子的憧憬。。 但是相处了和了解后,我们的确有点小小冲突,宗教,金钱,家庭背景。。。 我知道我们需要磨合和需要一人去退一步和妥协。。但是我怕有天我妥协久了,心累了,就会放弃这段感情。。

刚刚我们有点小争吵,他很怕我家人占他便宜。。。的确我心有点不开心和不爽。。他们是我家人,如果他真的那么怕,我真的会考虑放弃这段感情。。。 既然他不能接受我的家人,我也不想勉强。。